What to Expect

When you visit our Family the best entrance is the Auditorium front doors. There you will be greeted by our Ushers and Staff with a warm handshake and a guest packet. From there it is our prayer you feel at home with our Family. We have Sunday School classes for all ages and small group studies meet a varying times during the week. Don’t be surprised if several of our members ask you to go out to eat or come over to their house for a meal. We are in love with the LORD and we want to show HIS love to you. Our preaching is from the Bible and we encourage people to respond to the LORD. At the close of our preaching service the Pastor will stand in the front of the stage and we invite you, as the Lord has led you, to come down and speak to the Lord or if you would like to talk to the Pastor he will be eagerly waiting you and your family. If you are looking to join Highland Baptist, then this would be the time. If you would like to accept Jesus Christ as your savior, this would also be the time to come and speak to someone.