Meet the Pastor

Pastor Travis Jones faithfully serves the congregation of Highland Baptist El Reno as Senior Pastor. Since his arrival in August of 2010, our church family has been blessed and challenged by his bold, Biblical and practical teaching.

Pastor Jones is nationally recognized for his passion for missions and his teachings on personal discipleship. He stands firm on the Word of God, and applies it to everyday life. As the Senior Editor of the “Discipleship Central” weekly blog site, he has been able to encourage and challenge even more Christians in their walk with God and give practical insight as to how we can personally disciple other Christians.

Pastor Jones is originally from Fort Worth, Texas. He was the Associate Pastor for Metropolitan Baptist Church under then Senior Pastor Larry Adkisson for fourteen years. He held a variety of offices and led most of the missions and discipleship ministries of MBC. He has been the director of Cuba Commitment, a networking of missionaries for the advancement of the Gospel in Cuba, and several other mission endeavors. His variety and quality of leadership skills along with his experience has proven to be a valuable asset to the Highland Family.

Pastor graduated from Texas Theological University and Seminary with a Master of Ministry degree. He earned his Master of Missions degree from Trinity Valley Baptist Seminary. He has a B.S. in Ministry from Texas Theological University and Seminary, and a certificate of diploma that transferred to an Associates degree in Bible from Independent Baptist College. He was formerly the President of Texas Theological University and Seminary located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Pastor Jones met his wife Lanee’ in the nursery of their home church. Mrs. Lanee’ grew up most of her life in South Africa as a missionary’s daughter. Her experiences have been a blessing to our ladies and an inspiration that God is in control no matter the circumstances. Travis and Lanee’ have three children, Melissa (9), Madison (6), and Max (3).

Under God’s leadership, Pastor Travis Jones has brought the Highland Family to new heights. It is our privilege as a congregation to serve alongside this Pastor and his family.